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You need to take Action Now! Because criminals just built a new device that can steal your personal identity when you walk close to them… Doesn’t matter if your card’s in your wallet, or purse, they can still get your info. They could rob you of everything you’ve worked so hard for in seconds.

With this tool they can clear your bank and credit card accounts and cause $1,000, $10,000, even $100,000 in damage. Worse yet is, this is happening to thousands of Americans. And it could happen to you……you’re at risk. Imagine what you would do if someone got your info.

Millions of people across the nation have had new credit/debit cards sent to them in the past few months. Banks are doing this because the new cards are equipped with an EMV chip to help prevent fraud. Unfortunately they’re still not that secure. The truth is, there’s still a way for thieves to steal your credit/debit card information with their newly built devices. And they can do it while your credit card sits in your purse or wallet, using a small computer to bump against you and digitally pickpocket your info.


Identity theft prevention is still a massive headache in the US, not to mention it’s big business for fraudsters, who stole a total of $16 billion in 2014 from 12.7 million American victims, according to the latest annual report from Javelin Strategy and Research, a California firm which has tracked identity theft since 2003. The 2015 report is already alarming.

There has been many and varied advice and tips for preventing identity theft, ranging from credit freeze on your accounts, rarely giving out your Social Security Number, ending unsolicited credit card offers, beefing up your passwords, being wary when using unsecured wi-fi and so on. But while the suggestions make sense, they don’t and cannot prevent the latest device being used by these criminals to steal your identity.

However, there is good news! The good news is the “Safe Wallet Shield”. The Safe Wallet Shield blocks thieves’ new devices, keep your personal information safe and protect you from fraud, meaning the Safe Wallet Shield is worth as much as they have to steal. Just place it around your bank card and credit cards and you’re set. The tiny sleeve slips right over your chipped card and keeps it safe.

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The New Solar Air Lantern



Check out this new survival gadget.

It’s easy to use.
Just charge it in the sun. Inflate it. And light up a room.
12 hours of backup light from a single charge!
No batteries, no wires, no hassle. And at only 1 inch tall when deflated, it stores easily in your car or go-bag. Plus, it’s waterproof so you can use it in the rain, or while boating.

See 8 more uses for the amazing Solar Air Lantern

Apart from being the #1 Top selling Survival gadget of the year already, It may be the coolest camping gadget ever. Hence, it’s a must-have item for everyone in the family.

Kids love the lanterns, and they end up learning about solar energy.
The Solar Air Lantern is virtually indestructible and even floats, so you can re-use your lantern for years to come.

This is a must-have light source! Click this LINK to see how it works in a 2-minute video.


Solar Air Lantern:

– Inflatable
– Rechargeable
– Affordable
– Waterproof
– Shatterproof
– Lightweight
– Portable
– Uses no wires or batteries

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Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit – Paracord Grenade



Check out this amazing survival tool.

Introducing the new “Paracord Grenade” survival tool.


The Grenade is packed full of survival gear that could save your life one day.
It fits in the palm of your hand but contains several survival tools:
– Knife blade
– Fire starter
– Tin foil
– Fishing line
– Fishing hooks
– Fishing swivels
– Fishing floats (bobbers)
– Fishing weights
– Over 9 feet of 550 Paracord
– Spring loaded carabiner


And what can you do with these Survival kits?

With it you can:

  • Take out a bad guy
  • Sew up torn clothes
  • Create a snare for dinner
  • Catch fish
  • Fix broken shoes
  • Make a belt
  • Build a shelter

And many more.

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Every bug out bag needs one.

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter



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There’s something different about our #1, top selling water filtration device Called the LifeStraw, it won Time magazine’s “Innovation of the Year” award.

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No other filter can say it’s won as many awards as the LifeStraw.
All these publications (plus 7 more) said the LifeStraw is one of the best filters ever!
– Popular Science
– Forbes Magazine
– The New York Times
– Reader’s Digest
– Fortune Magazine

Surprisingly it’s really affordable (less than $20), and it’s super powerful. It gets rid of 99.9% of bacteria and parasites and can give you 1,000 liters of safe water. That makes it perfect for disaster survival. It’s lightweight and goes perfect in any sized bag. And you’ll never even notice you’re carrying it – the LifeStraw weighs just 2 ounces!

This weird filter even let’s you drink from a toilet:


Watch where this other guy filters water for drink


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LifeStraw – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

LifeStraw is a water filter designed to be used by one person to filter water for drinking. It filters a maximum of 1000 litres of water, enough for one person for one … : LifeStraw Personal Water Filter : Camping Water …

Award-winning LifeStraw has been used by millions around the globe since 2005 ; Removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction) and …

The LifeStraw makes dirty water clean – Gizmag

Jan 12, 2005 … What does LifeStraw do? LifeStraw filters up to 700 litres of water and effectively removes most of the micro organisms responsible for causing …