The New Solar Air Lantern



Check out this new survival gadget.

It’s easy to use.
Just charge it in the sun. Inflate it. And light up a room.
12 hours of backup light from a single charge!
No batteries, no wires, no hassle. And at only 1 inch tall when deflated, it stores easily in your car or go-bag. Plus, it’s waterproof so you can use it in the rain, or while boating.

See 8 more uses for the amazing Solar Air Lantern

Apart from being the #1 Top selling Survival gadget of the year already, It may be the coolest camping gadget ever. Hence, it’s a must-have item for everyone in the family.

Kids love the lanterns, and they end up learning about solar energy.
The Solar Air Lantern is virtually indestructible and even floats, so you can re-use your lantern for years to come.

This is a must-have light source! Click this LINK to see how it works in a 2-minute video.


Solar Air Lantern:

– Inflatable
– Rechargeable
– Affordable
– Waterproof
– Shatterproof
– Lightweight
– Portable
– Uses no wires or batteries

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